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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring brings new growth and a new class...

Beginning the first week of March the Sedona Studio expands into West Sedona. Every Monday afternoon from 2-3pm you can find me, Dana, at the Golden Goose Restaurant (next to the Super 8 Motel) teaching the Cha-Cha.

As with all of my classes, this class was developed based on the interests of my students. It seems many currents students want to learn some Latin dances and now West Sedona residents have a location that's nearby. We will kick it off by studying the very useful Cha-Cha which can be danced to almost any quick tempo music like Latin, rock, techno, or hip-hop.

Thursday morning's 9:30 creative dance class for ages 3-5 adds the concepts of Body Awareness (how are bodies can move) and Relationships to Others (how to dance in pairs and groups) during March. This class is still taking new students who would like to get creative with us!!!

There is continued growth in Foxtrot (7pm) and East Coast Swing (8pm) on Thursday nights in the VOC. The Foxtrot class is still at a beginner level and Swing students are moving into intermediate steps. 

For more information EMAIL me, read my earlier posts or give me a call at (928) 862-0118. I'll be happy to help you.