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The goal of this running commentary is to keep my dance students at Dana De Luz Sedona Studio and other dance enthusiasts informed of the progress of my dance studio's development, classes, schedules, discounts, special events and great places to dance in Northern Arizona. Enjoy!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get your weekend started TONIGHT!

There are some great dance venues this weekend and it begins TONIGHT....

Thursday, April 25th:
Head over to Marketplace Cafe (MPC) in the Factory Outlets in the Village of Oak Creek (VOC). Susannah Martin and Eric Miller take the stage at 6pm to play some Latin rhythms. If your salsa is rusty, come to the group salsa class tonight at 7:30pm at Dana De Luz Dance Studio. Class is being held at Canyon Moon Theatre... also in the Outlet Mall. NOTE: This is a tile floor with deep grout lines. Lower heels are best.

Friday the 26th:
Cliff Castle Casino's Dragonfly Lounge has the X's Band. Get your Latin on because this band plays a huge variety of Latin dance music. Be ready to stay up late. The X's Band doesn't start until 9pm. If you miss them Friday night, come Saturday night for an encore!

Saturday the 27th:
Sound Bites Grill in Uptown has Tom Tayback and the Daddy O's to get you swinging to some rock'n'roll. Whether you dance East Coast or West Coast Swing you can get on the floor. Bring your nightclub 2-step, rumba, cha-cha. waltz, ect., because these guys play everything! It starts at 6pm. NOTE: The dance floor is poured concrete which has texture. Leave the ballroom suede shoes at home and go with a smooth leather instead.

Also Saturday, over in Clarkdale at the 10-12 Lounge, the Sammy Davis Band plays beginning at 8pm. These guys put on a GREAT show for everyone... dancers and non dancers alike. They are a talented band that plays rock, R&B, funk and much more.

Remember if you want to brush up on your dancing, call Dana De Luz Dance Studio at 862-1008 to schedule a private lesson or join our group lessons on Thursday nights (TONIGHT)... Waltz 6:30p and Salsa at 7:30p. Please call ahead to get directions.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekend checklist: Take dance class, practice, go dancing!

Another weekend approaches and every dance enthusiast needs to know where to go dancing.

Let's start with taking a class tonight (Thursday) with Dana De Luz Dance Studio. Join our smooth class at 6:30pm featuring Waltz steps that can be used in other dances. Get things heated up by taking the Salsa class at 7:30pm. For details call 862-0118.

Students often ask about practicing.... how long, how often? Answer: Practice as often as possible even if that means for a short time. 15 minutes a day may be all you can do but it's better than not practicing. Go through as many steps as you can remember CORRECTLY. NEVER practice steps you are unsure about. You don't want to create bad habits. Instead, make a list of steps you need to work on and consider taking a private class for clarification.

Try out your new skills on a social dance floor this weekend.

The best dance spot in Sedona continues to be Sound Bites Grill at the Hyatt Shops in Uptown. Friday night they have Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings at 8pm but I recommend Saturday night dancing with the Rhythmystics at 8pm and Sunday night at 6pm with Susannah Martin & Eric Miller. Rhythmistics plays plenty of swings, rumba, niteclub 2-steps, and fox trots. Martin & Miller are known for their Latin Jazz so practice your Latin dances... you will use them all!

On Sat. April 13th you can combine class and social dancing or just the social part. Head over to Sedona Pilates in West Sedona for a class in beginning NiteClub 2-step at 7pm , intermediate steps at 7:30p, and open dancing begins at 8pm until 11pm.  Your hosts are Joyce and Thomas and the cost is $8.00 for both class and dancing or $5 for open dancing. For more info call Thomas at 301-0770.

In the VOC, Marketplace Cafe has the Michelle Williams & Alan Standingbear duo Friday night at 6pm. They sing a little bit of everything... so be ready for anything. Saturday night at 6pm Seymour and Cyge play Baby Boomer classics.... that means swing, niteclub 2-step, and some Latin rhythms will be danceable. NOTE: the grout lines between the tiles on the dance floor are deep so, wear a lower heel ladies.

Know of another dance venue? Feel free to post it below!