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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dancing on the 4th and beyond!

Happy IndepenDANCE Day!


If dancing is a freedom you wish to enjoy on the 4th of July, may I suggest going to Sound Bites Grill?

Some great All-American Swing music will be playing from 6-9pm! The event is part of a benefit for the family of the late Greg Aitken, a fantastic local school teacher, mentor, and musician. This FREE event begins at 4pm... dancing begins at 6pm and... raffles will be held throughout the night. Proceeds from the raffles will be given to Greg's wife and two daughters.  

For the weekend try...

Friday night: 
At the Martini Bar (282-9288) beginning at 7:30p you can break out your Latin moves to the music of the Eric Miller Band. So, ready your rumba and study your samba for the evening. 

Over at Sound Bites Grill starting a 8p is Sir Harrison and the Blues Kings. Blues are always good for West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango and of course, blues dancing.

Saturday night:
At the Sedona Elk's Club, you can enjoy dinner and dancing. It's country music all night with the band Renegades. Spaghetti dinner begins at 5:30p with your choice of meat or vegetarian sauce and dancing kicks off at 6p. Polish up your boots and let them glide along the laminate tile floor. :)

For more country tunes you'll have to venture outside Sedona. The 1000 Trails Clubhouse (on 1000 Trails Road, 928-567-9862, off highway 260 between Cottonwood and Camp Verde) presents Hired Hands every Saturday night, 6-9p playing a good mix of country and rock. Food is served from 5-7p. 

Sunday afternoon:
You can always find dancing at the Cottonwood American Legion from 2-5p!  Throughout July dance music will be provided by these two bands...
-Happy Days, with Charleah Allen, playing great tunes of the 50s, 60s and 70s or... 
-Renegades which plays with a Western flavor, but also adds in some Latin rhythms as well. 

Please, note Sound Bites Grill and Martini Bar have poured concrete floors. Wear shoes that will allow you to spin at least 180 degrees without hesitation.