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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our FIRST Community Social Dance!

Our FIRST Community Social Dance and we'll have LIVE music!

Mark you calendars... save your pennies and... bring your friends!

Dana De Luz Dance Studio will host it's first open community dance night
on Saturday, February 23rd from 7-11pm. We are located in the Oak Creek Factory Outlets Suite A-7 next door to Canyon Moon Theatre in the Village of Oak Creek near beautiful Sedona, AZ.

What will it cost to get in?...
Since it's our first community dance we're going to leave that up to you. Simply, leave a donation at the door. We kindly suggest a donation of $15 for the dance class AND open dancing OR $10 for open dancing only. Current students with a "Happy Feet" class card can use one punch for the class and a half punch for the open dancing OR just one punch for open dancing only. That's a savings of $3 to $6! It's good to be a student at Dana De Luz Dance Studio :)

Give generously...
All proceeds will go directly to the purchase of our school's dance floor. The sooner we can afford it... the sooner you can dance upon it :) Note: There is only a cement sub-floor for now. Your best bet for footwear is a leather soled shoe, a dance sneaker, or a shoe that's well worn down and smooth on the bottom.

The night will begin...
with an East Coast Swing lesson from Dana De Luz and Dr. Grant Johnson beginning at 7pm and the fun will continue with open dancing until 11pm.

Who's playing the music?...
Our first musical guest will be the multi-talented Eric Williams!

Eric is a highly accomplished musician and performer who is capable of playing a wide genre of music. This makes Eric a great choice to play at a dance event. Eric will play everything you can imagine: all kinds of swing tunes, rumbas, fox trots, waltz, cha-chas, nightclub 2-steps, country 2-steps, samba, salsa, merengue and tango.
Eric is also a dance enthusiast... so expect to see him out on the dance floor when he's not playing.

Who's invited?
Everyone's invited! All ages. All dance levels. Even non-dancers who want to come watch and listen to some great music and dancing are invited.

Please, Share. 
Tell your friends, neighbors, FB friends, dance friends, work friends, your kids' friends, music lovers... anyone really. If this is a hit, we'll do it more often!