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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kicking off 2015

We're ready to kick off a brand new year. (Look out, Rockettes)! 

We are excited to add a new Teen Ballroom class on Tuesdays! Two more new classes are in the works. A split class of contemporary and jazz for grade school students and we're working to add a tap class for all ages.

Please contact us via email, call (928) 862-0118, or find us on Facebook for more information or to sign up for classes. To see a calendar click here.

Classes to sign up for in 2015 are...

Tuesdays: Teen ballroom at 4:30pm
Thursdays: Adult classes - Salsa at 6:30pm and West Coast Swing at 7:30pm
Saturdays: Kids Creative Dance at 10am 

See you in the studio!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Support Dance Night at Sound Bites Grill

Finding a place to dance in Sedona hasn't always been easy in. Many places have music but no dance floor. Other places have a great floor and no dancing. Then there are the great places that discontinued dancing for various reasons. Finally, along came Sound Bites Grill with a dedicated dance floor and a good selection of bands.

Sound Bites Grill as been voted the best place to dance in Sedona for the past several years and now it's giving back big time to the dance community with a weekly dance night. Every Tuesday night a different dance band will begin playing at 7pm until 10pm. Owners Michele and Steven have expanded the dance floor area and removed walls to open up the space. They also added, new nightclub lighting, lighter menu items (because we dancers eat light), and a reverse Happy Hour from 9-10pm.

We have attended the first two of these Tuesday night Dance Nights. The first night the band was 3MKi and they were outstanding! They asked for the dancers' opinions during their breaks and took in what they heard providing us with great dance sets. Last week was a little disappointing. The band played fewer danceable tunes than we would have liked. This week, I suspect the room will be packed like the first night. JC and the Juke Rockers are scheduled to play. They will provide lots of rock, R&B, and Blues for Swing dancing (East and West Coast), Nightclub 2-step, and maybe even a Cha-Cha or two. :) Check them out on YouTube for a sampling of what they play.

We hope to see you out dancing at Sound Bites Grill this and every Tuesday! Let's support those who support dancing. Cover is just $8.00.

Stop by and say hi to my husband, Tony and I and... enjoy the dancing!

Children's Dance Classes begin August 16th!

Fall classes will begin on Saturday, August 16th!
Tell your kids. Tell your friends. Tell your friends' kids! 

Saturday classes will be...
Creative Dance ages 2.5-5 at 10am-10:45am.
Pre-Ballet ages 5-7 at 11am-11:45am.

Social/Ballroom for ages 6 and up is also open for registration! Date and time TBD.

Please, call Dana at (928) 862-0118 for more info AND TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD/REN!

We are looking forward to a creative, enlightening, and fun year of dance. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer Classes Begin May 27th! Call to Register NOW!

Summer classes for KIDS, TEENS, and ADULTS!

- Baby & Me is for parent and baby age 6 weeks to 2 1/2 years and is a one hour stimulating fun workout and bonding experience.

- Creative Dance is for 2 1/2 to 5 year old children that love to move, stretch, imagine, and giggle. The kids get a real dance workout while we make believe we are mermaids/men, shakes in a straw, pizza chefs, circus performers, animals etc. This is a highly active 45 minute class. This is an ongoing class.

- Preballet is for 5-7 year old children to learn the very basics of ballet while still using imagery and pretend to facilitate movements. This is an ongoing class.

- Social Dance & Social Graces is a specialty class for different grade levels. Students will learn how to dance with a partner in a respectful way to music they enjoy. Dance manners and basic social graces like when to answer/be on your cell phone, how to introduce yourself, how to enter a conversation gracefully without interrupting will be included. This is a one hour class each day for 10-days Monday-Friday. The final day is a one hour social dance! Grade levels include: entering 1st-6th grades, entering 7th & 8th grades, and entering 9th-12th grades.

- Dance for Stage Performers is a specialty summer class for ALL ages. This class will cover stage direction, moving in character, movement and stretch for actors. We will introduce students to theatrical dance steps as well as common dances used in party/club scenes like waltz, foxtrot, tango, mambo, Charleston, and Lindy Hop/Swing. Music selections will all be from musical theatre productions. This is a one hour class each day for 10-days Monday-Friday.

- Lindy Hop/Swing for Teens & Adults is a regular Tuesday night class at 6:30pm. We work on Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing steps.

- American Rhythm PLUS for Adults is a regular Thursday night class at 6:30pm. We work on our Latin rhythm and footwork in Rumba, Cha-Cha, PLUS Salsa and Merengue.

- American Ballroom Smooth PLUS for Teens & Adults is a regular Thursday night class at 7:30pm. We concentrate on Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango, PLUS Nightclub 2-step... all of which have smooth gliding motions and heel leads.

- Country Dance for Teens & Adults is a new offering (time TBD). We will teach Arizona 2-step, Country Waltz, and Country Swing.

Cost: Discount “Little Happy Feet” 10-class cards are available for the Creative Dancers (2 1/2 - 5 years) at a cost of $60. All other students/parents may purchase a “Happy Feet” 10-class discount card for $80. Drop-in fees are also available.

Studio Location: 815 Lee Mountain Road in the VOC

NOTE: Dates and times will be selected based on enrollment and parent convenience. All classes are subject to cancellation if a minimum of 6 dancers is not met and maintained.

For more info, to suggest a class, and to register:
Please, call Dana at (928) 862-0118 or send an email to dancingdana64@gmail.com