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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Support Dance Night at Sound Bites Grill

Finding a place to dance in Sedona hasn't always been easy in. Many places have music but no dance floor. Other places have a great floor and no dancing. Then there are the great places that discontinued dancing for various reasons. Finally, along came Sound Bites Grill with a dedicated dance floor and a good selection of bands.

Sound Bites Grill as been voted the best place to dance in Sedona for the past several years and now it's giving back big time to the dance community with a weekly dance night. Every Tuesday night a different dance band will begin playing at 7pm until 10pm. Owners Michele and Steven have expanded the dance floor area and removed walls to open up the space. They also added, new nightclub lighting, lighter menu items (because we dancers eat light), and a reverse Happy Hour from 9-10pm.

We have attended the first two of these Tuesday night Dance Nights. The first night the band was 3MKi and they were outstanding! They asked for the dancers' opinions during their breaks and took in what they heard providing us with great dance sets. Last week was a little disappointing. The band played fewer danceable tunes than we would have liked. This week, I suspect the room will be packed like the first night. JC and the Juke Rockers are scheduled to play. They will provide lots of rock, R&B, and Blues for Swing dancing (East and West Coast), Nightclub 2-step, and maybe even a Cha-Cha or two. :) Check them out on YouTube for a sampling of what they play.

We hope to see you out dancing at Sound Bites Grill this and every Tuesday! Let's support those who support dancing. Cover is just $8.00.

Stop by and say hi to my husband, Tony and I and... enjoy the dancing!

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