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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who will win the Mirror Ball Trophy?

It's down to the final three dancers in this season's All-Star season of DWTS. All-Women have survived to dance another day.

Each of the the three gals performed their favorite dance number from this season and a Super Sized Freestyle.

Melissa and her partner, Tony, danced their samba that the judges called their break out dance this season and again it was met with high scores. Their contemporary freestyle was also scored highly but I didn't think it had as much emotion as the judges said it had and the choreography was a bit weak. Tony chose to use the contemporary style to show off Melissa's technique and softness after just performing an upbeat samba.

Kelly and her pro, Val, have been the center of much rumor this season over their close relationship. Neither one was talking about whether their romance is real or just for the cameras but... they certainly played it to the hilt during their steamy paso doble and later in their freestyle version of the famous final dance in the movie Dirty Dancing. Although I don't think Kelly is the strongest choice to win, she did herself proud with these two numbers.

Shawn and Derrick turned in two highly energetic and athletic (no surprise) dances. They chose to bring back the quickstep that the judges blasted them for rules breaking. Although Shawn questioned Derrick about keeping the routine the same, they still broke hold and kept the lifts and tricks that are a no-no in quickstep. Again the judges wagged less than perfect scores but the pair is hoping the fans will award them more kindness. For their freestyle, they brought out the Fantastic 5! Yes, the U.S. Olympic woman's gold medal gymnastic team were their back up dancers. No rule breaking here but what an advantage! It was certainly and All-Star Super Sized freestyle.

So, who should win? The former cheerleader become TV host, Melissa Rycroft, who is the only competitor who has NOT won a Mirrorball trophy? Soap star, Kelly Monaco, who has the least training but danced like a winner all while keeping the fans in suspense over rumors? Or Olympian, Shawn Johnson, who just wanted to regain her self worth by proving she's more than just a gymnast?

One more dance... the dreaded Insta-dance is the last showdown before the Mirrorball is awarded. A blind selection of music and 30-minutes to prepare is all each couple has left to prove they deserve to win. Who will you vote for?

Friday, November 16, 2012

2 Great Dance Spots for Saturday Night

Hi Dancers,

The two best dance opportunities in Sedona both happen on Saturday night, November 17th. So, pick one or the other or go to BOTH!

In the Hyatt Shops, La Cubanita's plays a whole host of danceable Latin tunes. Break out your salsa, mambo, cha-cha, meringue and rumba. Don't forget to have a bite to eat the menu is outstanding! www.soundbitesgrill.com

Further into Uptown at Canyon Breeze, dance to the Sammy Davis Band. These are some of Sedona's finest musicians and performers. They play a wide range of music including R&B, funk, rock, and beautiful ballads for slow dancing. You can dance freestyle, east and west coast swing, cha-cha, rumba, salsa, fox trot, nightclub 2-step and maybe even a waltz. Sammy may even teach you how to Wobble!
Check out this clip of Sammy...

All the live music begins a 8pm and both venues have poured concrete dance floors so... I suggest wearing a leather bottomed shoe. Leave your ballroom shoes at home. A leather sole will give you better turning ability on a cement surface. Cement will tear up the suede soles of your ballroom shoes and slow down your turns.

Remember, if you need lessons (group or private) give me a call 862-0118. See you on the dance floor!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Your Best Bet for Dancing this Saturday Night

In my humble opinion, the best spot for ballroom dancing this weekend is in Clarkdale on Saturday the 10th.

These are rare opportunities (only 5 each year) to dance to a great 15 piece big band playing the great music of the 30's and 40's.

So, grab your dancing shoes and head out to Clarkdale Memorial Hall at 19 North 9th Street. Be there at 6:30p and dance until 9:30p. It's $10.00 at the door and non-alcoholic drinks are for sale on site. Bring a snack, some friends, and family. It's perfect for all ages.

(photo by Bryan Chambers beflyer@msn.com)

I hope to see you on their big beautiful wood dance floor!