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Saturday, October 30, 2010

"How much does it cost?"

This is an important question! I believe you should always know what you get for the price. At Dana De Luz Sedona Studio, I offer very fair prices with additional savings when you prepay for a full calendar month or when you buy a Happy Feet class card. Your FIRST GROUP CLASS with me is always FREE! I want you to come in and experience my teaching style. How else will you know if it's worth the price?

All 45-minute children's classes: $10 per dancer per class or $8 per class when prepaying for a full month.**
Baby and Me: $12.00 per baby/parent couple or $10.00 when prepaying for a month. (1-hour)**
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See below for HAPPY FEET DANCE CARD deals !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-8, High School & Adults (1-hour):  $12.00 per dancer per class or $10.00 per class when paying for a full month in advance. ** (Note: these classes may be combined due to low turn out)
Private (1-2 dancers):  $60.00 per 1-hour ($30 per dancer)
Semi-private (3-4 dancers):  $80.00 per 1-hour  (as little as $20 per dancer!)
Build-Your-Own-Group Class, BYOG for short (6 dancers minimum): $8 per dancer for the 1st class and $6 per dancer when your group pays for 5 or more continuing scheduled classes.**

HAPPY FEET DANCE CARD: Get TEN 1-hour group classes for $80.00 
LITTLE HAPPY FEET DANCE CARD: Get TEN 45-minute group classes for $60.00  
**When purchasing classes by the month or on a "5 or more" basis, no refunds are available for missed classes.

Contact me, Dana, for more info or to sign up for classes! Email or call (928) 862-0118.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Park Kids Cha-Cha their way toward Thanksgiving Break!

Do you have kids in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades at Big Park?    GREAT NEWS! 

They'll be learning the Cha-Cha in P.E. class during the first 3 weeks in November. I look forward to teaching them this fun latin dance to some great music. They'll be asked to research the Cha-Cha's history, too. We'll also explore how science and math are present in learning to dance. 

It's all thanks to Coach Barnes and the Artist in the Classroom Program.

What a fun way to learn!

Latest Apps for a Safer Halloween

My good friend, Jane Schneider, who is the editor of the Memphis Parent newspaper, was just interviewed by a local TV station about those news phone apps that might make your kids a little safer on Halloween. Jane gives some great advice on how much a parent can rely on these high-tech apps.

Here's to a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wild Wedding Dances

With wedding dances on my mind, I found the Top 10 Wedding Dance videos on YouTube including one Bonus feature. Enjoy! I did.
Just a tip... don't select a song much longer than 3 minutes unless you are changing dance styles or dancers. You don't want to bore your guests. The Dirty Dancing take-off is the perfect length and it gets the guests up and dancing at the end. What could be better?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding Services

If dancing your first dance as a married couple has you shakin' in your dance shoes, let me help. No one wants to look "foolish" or "boring" on the dance floor during their wedding reception. These are words I've heard from my previous customers. Instead they want to "impress", "entertain" and even "surprise" their friends and family.
Whether you can study with me for months or you only have time for a class or two, one lesson is better than none. Let me get you comfortable moving together as one. Once that is done you will feel confident and relaxed and it will show in your dancing. I've had wedding couples call on me with just hours until their wedding day and leave thanking me for making them "feel so much better". I'd also love to create specialized choreography for my couples that sets the mood of the party, enhances the wedding theme, tells their love story, or expresses who they are.
Jeff and Lynn Swartz began with no ballroom dance experience and a lot of enthusiasm. After learning what their wedding would look and feel like, how they met and that humor was a major player in their relationship, I created a lighthearted and elegant foxtrot. After 10-weekly sessions including a final rehearsal on the actual reception dance floor, Jeff and Lynn delighted their guests. You can see the joy on everyone's faces!

(Wedding photography by: Sedona Bride Photography)

In addition to working with wedding couples, I offer my services as a dance instructor at the sometimes awkard rehearsal dinner. A group dance class is a fun way to break the ice. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will be more comfortable walking down the aisle together, everyone will learn a few dance steps for the reception and their guaranteed to laugh.
I have also helped a nervous father or two feel better about that memorable father/daughter dance.

For more information on what I can do for you: email me or contact Sedona Wedding Studio for our complete wedding services.

Friday, October 22, 2010

BIG NEWS for Sedona Studio!

I have been graciously welcomed as a new member of the Sedona Wedding Studio, an elite group of wedding and event specialists. I am proud to be in their company and excited to add my dance talents to future celebrations.

Sedona Studio's KICK-OFFer

Here it is. My first limited time offer....

The first 5 customers enrolling in any group class and my first 5 private clients will all receive 25% OFF their first purchase! It's my 5 x 5 = 25% OFFer.

If you've been looking for dance classes for yourself or your child in the Village of Oak Creek, AZ don't let this offer go to waste. This offer will only be available to the first 5 students in each class category. See my earlier post:  Classes Now Accepting Students

I look forward to teaching you or your child!

What a great day for Sedona Studio!

I met up with and emailed some former customers from years back. It was great to see you Candace and your store, Victorian Cowgirl, is a treasure trove of beautiful things. Next time I come, I'm walking out with something lovely in a bag! See www.VictorianCowgirl.com for Candice's clothing designs.

I made some business contacts... BIG NEWS COMING SOON... and tonight I'll be out doing what I love best, dancing.

Next post.... Sedona Studio's KICK-OFF SPECIAL OFFER!

Also in the works... a list of places to go out dancing in the VOC and Northern AZ.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Class Descriptions for Classes Enrolling Now!!!

Baby and Me - (6 months --2 years and parent or care giver)
A class that fosters interactive play/exercise with baby and parent. Parent gets a workout... baby gets to work on mastering new skills like standing, bouncing, crawling. Everyone has fun! Mat work and standing. The exercises are dance based and easy to do. Various music styles are used to stimulate baby but not irritate parents. There is also time for parents to share what's working and what's not with one another. As a mother of four children, I know this part is very important.

Creative Dance for Preschoolers:  (2-4 years)
Exploring music, movement, motor skills and imagination! All the music is composed especially for kids or is kid friendly. Based on the Leap and Learn Program this class integrate learning and dance. I use LOTS of imaginary ideas to get the kids through their warm up and dance. The dance styles incorporated include ballet, jazz, modern and kids social dances! We count, use the alphabet, learn colors and shapes, act out emotions in dance play musical instruments and much more. This class develops major motor skills, brain development, musicality, manners, creative thinking and expression.

Pre-Ballet: (5-7 years)
A really fun first ballet experience!  Some warn up material will be familiar if the child took the Creative Dance class but we'll concentrate on ballet material with fun and creative imagery. We roll out imaginary pizza dough and pretend to be mermaids in warm up then move on to be ballet dancers on stage. The students learn ballet steps, manners, major motor skills, stage directions, how to count music, clap in rhythm, show emotions and tell stories through ballet. An end of year performance is an option.

Ballroom/Social Dance: (1st-6th grades,  7th & 8th, High School, and Adult) *classes may have to be combined due to interest. Students learn dance floor etiquette, posture, frame, steps, technique, and how to lead and follow. Leaders learn how to navigate on the dance floor. Followers learn to trust. Everyone gains confidence, coordination, balance, better posture, a stress outlet, a cardio workout, healthy brain stimulation and a fun way to socialize.

I teach American Ballroom beginning and intermediate levels and common social dances including:
Viennese Waltz  (beginning)
East Coast Swing
Bolero (beginning)

and beginning...
West Coast  Swing
Nite Club 2-Step
Disco Hustle
Country 2-Step
Country Line Dance

Please, CONTACT me if you have questions or would like to register for class.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting started!!!!

Hi, I'm Dana. I'm an independent dance instructor who's re-growing her business. I'm based in the Village of Oak Creek just outside beautiful Sedona, Arizona. I am building my schedule of classes, determining prices and enrolling students.
I look forward to offering several classes for small children as well as a class for parents and their newborns. The styles I teach are... creative dance, ballet, jazz, modern and social dance.
It is early in my process of building so, I'd love to hear what your needs are. You may suggest classes, times and days best for you and what you'd be willing to pay. I'll take it into consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you and I'll post more...